Choose the Right WordPress for Your Website

Which Wordpress?

Many small to medium-sized nonprofits need an easy, inexpensive option for their websites. A common bit of advice is often dispensed in those situations: try WordPress.

Depending on the organization’s needs, that advice might be spot-on. Unfortunately those giving the advice sometimes don’t delve into an important question: which WordPress?

Because there’s not just one kind of WordPress.

In fact, there are four.

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WordPress Backups: The Hard Way and The Easy Way

Bank Valut

Dental checkups. Cleaning the gutters. Computer backups.

Some things are all too easy to put off even though we know we should do them.

I can’t help you with your teeth, and I won’t help with your gutters, but I have advice about backups. Specifically, WordPress backups.

Every day more organizations trust WordPress as their website platform. I do too, and I often recommend it to clients. That’s great. The problem is that some organizations take trust a little too far by assuming nothing will ever go badly wrong.

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Caution: Do Your Really Own Your Domain Name?

Woman Behind a Mask

You own a domain name. Great.

Did you or someone at your organization register the domain name directly with domain name registrar? Or did a consultant do it for you? Maybe a web hosting company or marketing firm set it up?

A domain name is like a mask. It’s your public face on the Internet, and someon—the owner—is behind it. You probably think that’s you. But are you sure?

It’s worth a few minutes to confirm whether you really own that name. Read more…

Choose the Right Technology: Goals, Tools, and Match

Hand choosing a colored pencil.

I try not to use overwrought, hyperbolic drama-words too often in my writing.

Okay, so maybe I don’t try very hard.

But there’s no other way to say this: the time people and organizations have wasted by using the wrong technology is utterly tragic.

It can happen so easily, especially for nonprofits who often need to rely on well-meaning volunteers for technical help. But it’s not hard to prevent. Read more…

Website Options for Nonprofits — Part 3: Use Your Browser to Build a Website

A Home Button

This is the last in a three-part series discussing website options for nonprofits.

Part 1 gave background information about what a website really is and discussed options for where yours can live.

Part 2 discussed the traditional approach: installing a web page editor on your computer and using it to build a website.

But the last 5 years have introduced a bevvy of tools that promise to let you build a website using nothing but the most basic and ubiquitous tool of the Web Age: the humble web browser. In this third post we’ll take a look at those tools. Read more…

Website Options for Nonprofits — Part 2: Web Editing Software

A Home Button

This is the second in a three-part series discussing website options for nonprofits.

Part 1 gave background information about what a website really is and discussed options for where yours can live.

But whether you’re building a new site or need to update an existing site, you need some way to edit pages. Today we’ll discuss your options for editing or creating a traditional website: one where someone (you, a volunteer, or someone you hire) hand-crafts a website using a web editor installed on their computer. Read more…

Website Options for Nonprofits — Part 1: Big Picture

A Home Button

If your organization has a web presence of some kind, which it probably does, there’s a good chance you’re not completely happy with something about it. Maybe it’s too expensive. Maybe it’s too hard to update.

Maybe it’s just plain ugly.

If your organization doesn’t have a web presence, there’s a good chance that makes you uncomfortable. It might also make people who consider supporting you uncomfortable. Read more…

Cut Through Computer Clutter

Sign reading "Do not put garbage on the floor"

Stop me if I’m wrong: there’s a lot of junk on your computer.

Hey, look at that. Nobody stopped me.

It’s awfully easy to accumulate so much stuff on your computer that you can’t find the useful stuff mixed in with all the cruft.

And oh, the cruft. It saps our time and sucks our souls. But a few well-chosen tools can make a big difference.

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Google Voice for Nonprofits

Google Voice Icon

“Google Voice for Nonprofits” isn’t a new Google offering intended for nonprofit organizations. It’s a question.

Is Google Voice right for nonprofits?

As with any worthwhile question, the answer is “it depends”: on the organization’s size, its culture, its work needs, and plenty of other things. This article takes a look at some issues to weigh in considering Google Voice for professional use. Read more…

Computer Viruses: Repel, Reveal, and Remove

Close-up of a masked dentist leaning in for an exam

Virus prevention is a little like dental cleanings.

Maybe you put it off longer than you should, even though deep down you know that’s a mistake. Then when something finally goes really, painfully wrong you smack yourself in the head for not taking care of it sooner.

I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

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