Website Options for Nonprofits — Part 2: Web Editing Software

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This is the sec­ond in a three-part series dis­cussing web­site options for nonprofits.

Part 1 gave back­ground infor­ma­tion about what a web­site really is and dis­cussed options for where yours can live.

But whether you’re build­ing a new site or need to update an exist­ing site, you need some way to edit pages. Today we’ll dis­cuss your options for edit­ing or cre­at­ing a tra­di­tional web­site: one where some­one (you, a vol­un­teer, or some­one you hire) hand-crafts a web­site using a web edi­tor installed on their com­puter. Read more…

Website Options for Nonprofits — Part 1: Big Picture

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If your orga­ni­za­tion has a web pres­ence of some kind, which it prob­a­bly does, there’s a good chance you’re not com­pletely happy with some­thing about it. Maybe it’s too expen­sive. Maybe it’s too hard to update.

Maybe it’s just plain ugly.

If your orga­ni­za­tion doesn’t have a web pres­ence, there’s a good chance that makes you uncom­fort­able. It might also make peo­ple who con­sider sup­port­ing you uncom­fort­able. Read more…

Cut Through Computer Clutter

Sign reading "Do not put garbage on the floor"

Stop me if I’m wrong: there’s a lot of junk on your computer.

Hey, look at that. Nobody stopped me.

It’s awfully easy to accu­mu­late so much stuff on your com­puter that you can’t find the use­ful stuff mixed in with all the cruft.

And oh, the cruft. It saps our time and sucks our souls. But a few well-chosen tools can make a big difference.

Read more…

Google Voice for Nonprofits

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Google Voice for Non­prof­its” isn’t a new Google offer­ing intended for non­profit orga­ni­za­tions. It’s a question.

Is Google Voice right for nonprofits?

As with any worth­while ques­tion, the answer is “it depends”: on the organization’s size, its cul­ture, its work needs, and plenty of other things. This arti­cle takes a look at some issues to weigh in con­sid­er­ing Google Voice for pro­fes­sional use. Read more…

Computer Viruses: Repel, Reveal, and Remove

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Virus pre­ven­tion is a lit­tle like den­tal cleanings.

Maybe you put it off longer than you should, even though deep down you know that’s a mis­take. Then when some­thing finally goes really, painfully wrong you smack your­self in the head for not tak­ing care of it sooner.

I’ll try to make this as pain­less as possible.

Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 3: Collaboration Tools

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You need to share files. Whether it’s with friends, clients, part­ners, or cowork­ers, there’s some file you need them to see, and vice-versa.

My last two posts drew a dis­tinc­tion between whether you’re file-sharing for pub­li­ca­tion or for col­lab­o­ra­tion (How to Share Files — Part 1: Overview), and then explored some options for the publication-based options (How to Share Files — Part 2: Pub­li­ca­tion Tools). Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 2: Publication Tools

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In last week’s post, How to Share Files — Part 1: Overview, I drew a dis­tinc­tion between publication-based online file-sharing and collaboration-based online file-sharing. Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 1: Overview

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Over the last few months I’ve answered a lot of ques­tions about online file-sharing.

Should I upload my files to my own web­site or put them on a file-sharing service?”

How can I make a PDF avail­able on my blog?”

What about sites like Google Docs and Zoho?” Read more…

Fixing a Flickering PowerPoint

Picture of an audio icon in PowerPoint

This quick tip is for a very spe­cific sit­u­a­tion, but I want to make it avail­able since lengthy Googling didn’t turn up an answer for me. I had to solve it the hard way: by actu­ally pay­ing atten­tion. I’m not used to doing that. Google has made me weak. Read more…

Decide Which RSS Feeds to Follow

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RSS is a great way to eas­ily fol­low a lot of web­sites. This arti­cle isn’t an intro­duc­tion to RSS—that’ll have to wait for another time—but if you’re new to RSS or just a lit­tle hazy on the details, I highly rec­om­mend you watch the 3-minute video RSS in Plain Eng­lish.

Even though RSS is awfully con­ve­nient, even­tu­ally even the con­ve­nience of hav­ing your favorite sites con­densed into one place can get over­whelm­ing. Read more…

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