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Nonprofit Profiles, Groups, and Pages: Facebook Policy

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When creating a Facebook presence for your nonprofit, you need to decide which kind of presence to use.

In addition to creating a Facebook Cause—which you should consider as a supporting service rather than a primary presence—you really have three options: a Profile, a Group, or a Page.

Profiles are intended for individuals; Pages are intended for brands and organizations; and Groups are generally more informal, may give you less control, and (not coincidentally) seem more prone to going viral. Read more…

Nonprofit Social Media Resources: A Menagerie

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This week I’m giving a presentation on social media to the Dane County Administrators of Volunteer Service (DCAVS).

In a 75 minute talk (including discussion) I’ll only be able to scratch the surface of this enormous topic, so I’m providing them with additional resources to help with later planning and learning. I thought I’d post the resource list here for anyone else who’d find it useful.
Read more…

Create a Nonprofit Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

Three simple steps on a stairway

Step 1: Contemplate

Ask yourself this question: “Why am I doing this?”

(This is a pretty good question to ask before doing most things.)

If you can’t answer that question clearly and specifically, you should do more thinking before you make a Page. Answers like “Because everybody’s doing it” and “Because somebody asked me why we’re not on Facebook” don’t count. Read more…

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