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Google Voice for Nonprofits

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“Google Voice for Nonprofits” isn’t a new Google offering intended for nonprofit organizations. It’s a question.

Is Google Voice right for nonprofits?

As with any worthwhile question, the answer is “it depends”: on the organization’s size, its culture, its work needs, and plenty of other things. This article takes a look at some issues to weigh in considering Google Voice for professional use. Read more…

Computer Viruses: Repel, Reveal, and Remove

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Virus prevention is a little like dental cleanings.

Maybe you put it off longer than you should, even though deep down you know that’s a mistake. Then when something finally goes really, painfully wrong you smack yourself in the head for not taking care of it sooner.

I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 3: Collaboration Tools

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You need to share files. Whether it’s with friends, clients, partners, or coworkers, there’s some file you need them to see, and vice-versa.

My last two posts drew a distinction between whether you’re file-sharing for publication or for collaboration (How to Share Files – Part 1: Overview), and then explored some options for the publication-based options (How to Share Files — Part 2: Publication Tools). Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 2: Publication Tools

Two guinea pigs sharing a carrot

In last week’s post, How to Share Files – Part 1: Overview, I drew a distinction between publication-based online file-sharing and collaboration-based online file-sharing. Read more…

Share Files Online — Part 1: Overview

Two guinea pigs sharing a carrot

Over the last few months I’ve answered a lot of questions about online file-sharing.

“Should I upload my files to my own website or put them on a file-sharing service?”

“How can I make a PDF available on my blog?”

“What about sites like Google Docs and Zoho?” Read more…

Decide Which RSS Feeds to Follow

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RSS is a great way to easily follow a lot of websites. This article isn’t an introduction to RSS—that’ll have to wait for another time—but if you’re new to RSS or just a little hazy on the details, I highly recommend you watch the 3-minute video RSS in Plain English.

Even though RSS is awfully convenient, eventually even the convenience of having your favorite sites condensed into one place can get overwhelming. Read more…

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