Changing a WordPress Page’s Name

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How can I change the title of this Word­Press page?”

It seems like a sim­ple question—but depend­ing on your site, you might need to check in more places than you’d think.

Will this screw anything up?

Recent­ly the exec­u­tive direc­tor of a non­prof­it I work with asked me whether chang­ing page’s name in the menu would “screw any­thing up”. I let her know it was fine to change the page’s title in the menu, but that wasn’t the only place to look.

How to safely (and thoroughly) change a page’s name

It’s fine to change your pages’ names. But a page’s name is defined in more than one place.

In some cas­es you might only need to do step #1 below. But you might need to look in as many as four places to com­plete­ly change a page’s name.

  1. The page’s title. When you go to Pages > All Pages on the Word­Press menu, you’ll see that every page has a title. You can edit the page title by click­ing either Edit or Quick Edit from the list of all pages.
    pages - page title in quick edit
  2. The page’s text. Some­times doing #1 above will change the name that appears at the top of the page for vis­i­tors. But for some pages, the name that appears at the top of the page is actu­al­ly text entered in the page’s con­tent. You can edit this name the same way that you would edit any oth­er text on the page.
    pages - page title within page content
  3. The menu entry. Nor­mal­ly doing #1 will change the page’s name in the menu as well. But sometimes—if you’ve cus­tomized the menu item’s title—you need to man­u­al­ly edit the menu entry. This is described in more detail at Man­ag­ing Menus > Edit menus > Chang­ing a menu item’s title.
    menu editor - editing menu option name
  4. The page’s slug (address). Let’s say your page is named “About”. When you cre­ate the page, its address will default to some­thing like http://[snippet type=“domain-name” textonly=“true”]/about. In this exam­ple, “about” is the page’s “slug”. If you change the page name from “About” to “Con­tact”, its address will still be http://[snippet type=“domain-name” textonly=“true”]/about. If you want, you can edit the slug to match the new page title… but that’s some­times a very bad idea. You can read more about how (and whether!) to edit a page’s slug in the Non­prof­it Word­Press man­u­al.

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I’ve added this infor­ma­tion to the Con­tent Types > Page sec­tion of the Non­prof­it Word­Press man­u­al, where you can learn more about man­ag­ing your nonprofit’s Word­Press site.

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