Nonprofit Social Media Resources: A Menagerie

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This week I’m giv­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion on social media to the Dane Coun­ty Admin­is­tra­tors of Vol­un­teer Ser­vice (DCAVS).

In a 75 minute talk (includ­ing dis­cus­sion) I’ll only be able to scratch the sur­face of this enor­mous top­ic, so I’m pro­vid­ing them with addi­tion­al resources to help with lat­er plan­ning and learn­ing. I thought I’d post the resource list here for any­one else who’d find it use­ful.

P.S. If your non­prof­it isn’t try­ing out social media yet, go ahead. Take the plunge. Don’t count on mag­i­cal results, but do count on find­ing impor­tant new ways of con­nect­ing with the peo­ple who are most impor­tant to you.

1. General Reference

1.1. Big Picture / Social Media Overview

Social Media for Non Prof­its
A slide show with a good overview of the top­ic.

Cre­at­ing Your Organization’s Social Media Strat­e­gy Map
By Beth Kan­ter, wide­ly rec­og­nized guru in non­prof­it social media.

Britt Bra­vo Get­ting The Word Out About Your Cause With Blogs, Pod­casts & Social Net­works
Includes many exam­ples of non­prof­its using these tools.

Exam­ple: Social Media Hand­book for Red Cross Chap­ters (Wendy Har­man)

1.2. Resource Portals

These sites each offer a wide array of resources relat­ed to non­prof­it social media.

We Are Media
NTEN pro­vides this excel­lent depot of resources for non­prof­its that want to learn about and use social media. Among oth­er resources the site includes online train­ing mod­ules and resources for a wide range of top­ics; some are in progress, oth­ers are rel­a­tive­ly com­plete. There is also a Social Media Tool­box with infor­ma­tion orga­nized by type of tech­nol­o­gy: Blogs, Pod­casts, Social Net­work­ing, etc.

An ini­tia­tive of Tech­Soup Glob­al, this is a com­mu­ni­ty that shares ideas and spon­sors chal­lenges relat­ed to social change through tech­nol­o­gy.

TechShop (Uni­ver­si­ty of Wis­con­sin-Madi­son)
A Ser­vice Learn­ing pro­gram for UW-Madi­son stu­dents. It con­nects stu­dents with non­prof­its on infor­ma­tion tech­nol­o­gy projects, par­tic­u­lar­ly Web 2.0 projects. The goal is not to do projects for non­prof­its, but to increase the non­prof­its’ capac­i­ty to do and main­tain projects. This takes the form of teach­ing them about social media, and doing projects side-by-side with non­prof­it staff.

This is a for-fee video site offer­ing video train­ing for non­prof­its. If you can’t or would pre­fer not to pay for the full train­ing, each of the ses­sions offers a brief snip­pet from the train­ing, and the snip­pets them­selves are use­ful.

1.3. Blogs and Podcasts

I fol­low all of these blogs and pod­casts and have learned a lot about best prac­tices, exam­ples, new tools, and audi­ence demo­graph­ics. I’ve list­ed them here in order of their impor­tance to me; the blogs list­ed ear­li­est are the ones that have taught me the most.

John Hay­don

Get Your San­i­ty Back: Wild Apricot’s Non-Prof­it Tech­nol­o­gy Blog
Note: this blog is spon­sored by a Wild Apri­cot, a com­mer­cial Mem­ber­ship Man­age­ment soft­ware ven­dor. How­ev­er, except for the ads at the top and sides, the infor­ma­tion is gen­er­al­ly ven­dor-agnos­tic, and often very use­ful.


Beth’s Blog: How Non­prof­its Can Use Social Media (Beth Kan­ter)

NetWit’s Think Tank

Net­Squared Blog

The Bam­boo Project (Michele Mar­tin)

Chron­i­cle of Phil­an­thropy: Social Good Pod­casts (Alli­son Fine)

Non­prof­it Tech
Not so much a blog as a meta-blog, aggre­gat­ing sto­ries and resources from many oth­er sites. It cov­ers all forms of tech­nol­o­gy, but also pro­vides tar­get­ed pages for spe­cif­ic tech­nolo­gies, for exam­ple, Face­book (, Flickr ( and YouTube (

1.4. Reference

Socialbrite’s Web 2.0 Tools: List and Rec­om­men­da­tions

Socialbrite’s Social Media Glos­sary

The Buzz Bin’s Social Media Glos­sary

Non­prof­it Social Net­work Sur­vey

2. Blogging

2.1. Blogging (General)

10 Rea­sons why Every Non­prof­it Must Have a Blog

Inte­grat­ing a Word­Press Blog with Face­book

2.2. Microblogging (Twitter)

Twit­ter 101 for Non­prof­its

Twit­ter in Plain Eng­lish — Overview
Twit­ter in Plain Eng­lish — Search
These are great videos explain­ing Twit­ter sim­ply and digestibly.

How to get more fol­low­ers on Twit­ter

An intro to Face­book and Twit­ter for non­prof­its

Twitter.Org: Twit­ter for Non­prof­it Orga­ni­za­tions

Pub­lish­ing Face­book Updates on Twit­ter

Pub­lish­ing Twit­ter Updates on Face­book

3. Social Networking

3.1. Social Networking: General

Non­prof­it Social Net­work Sur­vey Report (NTEN and The Port)

Think­ing Through Your Social Net­work­ing Tone

3.2. Social Networking: Facebook

3.2.1. Getting Started

An intro to Face­book and Twit­ter for non­prof­its

Face­book for Non­prof­it Begin­ners: Learn the Basics

How To Cre­ate A Pow­er­ful And Engag­ing Face­book Page

Whether to Cre­ate a Page Or a Group (Mash­able)

Whether to Cre­ate a Page Or a Group (Wild Apri­cot)

3.2.2. Beyond Basics

Face­book Pri­va­cy: A Guide

How To Use Face­book “Notes” To Get More Traf­fic

Face­book Best Prac­tices for Non­prof­its

4 Face­book Tips for Non­prof­it Suc­cess

11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Face­book Fan Page

Wash­ing­ton Post Arti­cle on Face­book Caus­es for Fundrais­ing

4. Video Sharing

See3 Com­mu­ni­ca­tions: YouTube for Non­prof­its — 1 hour web pre­sen­ta­tion

How Small Char­i­ties can Cre­ate Effec­tive Videos (Episode 9)

YouTube Non­prof­it Pro­gram

5. Photo Sharing

Non­prof­its and Pho­to­shar­ing: A Cost-Effec­tive Way to Spread Your Mes­sage Online

Flickr Non­prof­it Groups

6. Collaboration Tools

Google Docs

Adobe Buzz­word


Scrib­link (Shared online white­board)


7. Coordinating Multiple Social Networks

How To Man­age Mul­ti­ple Social Media Pro­files (Mash­able)

Pub­lish­ing Face­book Updates on Twit­ter

Pub­lish­ing Twit­ter Updates on Face­book

Broad­cast a mes­sage to many net­works at once: hel­lotxt

Broad­cast a mes­sage to many net­works at once:

Man­ag­ing Mul­ti­ple Pho­to Shar­ing Sites

Post image cred­it: Mark Ken­ny

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