Nonprofit Social Media Resources: A Menagerie

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This week I’m giving a presentation on social media to the Dane County Administrators of Volunteer Service (DCAVS).

In a 75 minute talk (including discussion) I’ll only be able to scratch the surface of this enormous topic, so I’m providing them with additional resources to help with later planning and learning. I thought I’d post the resource list here for anyone else who’d find it useful.

P.S. If your nonprofit isn’t trying out social media yet, go ahead. Take the plunge. Don’t count on magical results, but do count on finding important new ways of connecting with the people who are most important to you.

1. General Reference

1.1. Big Picture / Social Media Overview

Social Media for Non Profits
A slide show with a good overview of the topic.

Creating Your Organization’s Social Media Strategy Map
By Beth Kanter, widely recognized guru in nonprofit social media.

Britt Bravo Getting The Word Out About Your Cause With Blogs, Podcasts & Social Networks
Includes many examples of nonprofits using these tools.

Example: Social Media Handbook for Red Cross Chapters (Wendy Harman)

1.2. Resource Portals

These sites each offer a wide array of resources related to nonprofit social media.

We Are Media
NTEN provides this excellent depot of resources for nonprofits that want to learn about and use social media. Among other resources the site includes online training modules and resources for a wide range of topics; some are in progress, others are relatively complete. There is also a Social Media Toolbox with information organized by type of technology: Blogs, Podcasts, Social Networking, etc.

An initiative of TechSoup Global, this is a community that shares ideas and sponsors challenges related to social change through technology.

TechShop (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
A Service Learning program for UW-Madison students. It connects students with nonprofits on information technology projects, particularly Web 2.0 projects. The goal is not to do projects for nonprofits, but to increase the nonprofits’ capacity to do and maintain projects. This takes the form of teaching them about social media, and doing projects side-by-side with nonprofit staff.

This is a for-fee video site offering video training for nonprofits. If you can’t or would prefer not to pay for the full training, each of the sessions offers a brief snippet from the training, and the snippets themselves are useful.

1.3. Blogs and Podcasts

I follow all of these blogs and podcasts and have learned a lot about best practices, examples, new tools, and audience demographics. I’ve listed them here in order of their importance to me; the blogs listed earliest are the ones that have taught me the most.

John Haydon

Get Your Sanity Back: Wild Apricot’s Non-Profit Technology Blog
Note: this blog is sponsored by a Wild Apricot, a commercial Membership Management software vendor. However, except for the ads at the top and sides, the information is generally vendor-agnostic, and often very useful.


Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media (Beth Kanter)

NetWit’s Think Tank

NetSquared Blog

The Bamboo Project (Michele Martin)

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Social Good Podcasts (Allison Fine)

Nonprofit Tech
Not so much a blog as a meta-blog, aggregating stories and resources from many other sites. It covers all forms of technology, but also provides targeted pages for specific technologies, for example, Facebook (, Flickr ( and YouTube (

1.4. Reference

Socialbrite’s Web 2.0 Tools: List and Recommendations

Socialbrite’s Social Media Glossary

The Buzz Bin’s Social Media Glossary

Nonprofit Social Network Survey

2. Blogging

2.1. Blogging (General)

10 Reasons why Every Nonprofit Must Have a Blog

Integrating a WordPress Blog with Facebook

2.2. Microblogging (Twitter)

Twitter 101 for Nonprofits

Twitter in Plain English – Overview
Twitter in Plain English – Search
These are great videos explaining Twitter simply and digestibly.

How to get more followers on Twitter

An intro to Facebook and Twitter for nonprofits

Twitter.Org: Twitter for Nonprofit Organizations

Publishing Facebook Updates on Twitter

Publishing Twitter Updates on Facebook

3. Social Networking

3.1. Social Networking: General

Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report (NTEN and The Port)

Thinking Through Your Social Networking Tone

3.2. Social Networking: Facebook

3.2.1. Getting Started

An intro to Facebook and Twitter for nonprofits

Facebook for Nonprofit Beginners: Learn the Basics

How To Create A Powerful And Engaging Facebook Page

Whether to Create a Page Or a Group (Mashable)

Whether to Create a Page Or a Group (Wild Apricot)

3.2.2. Beyond Basics

Facebook Privacy: A Guide

How To Use Facebook “Notes” To Get More Traffic

Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

4 Facebook Tips for Nonprofit Success

11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page

Washington Post Article on Facebook Causes for Fundraising

4. Video Sharing

See3 Communications: YouTube for Nonprofits – 1 hour web presentation

How Small Charities can Create Effective Videos (Episode 9)

YouTube Nonprofit Program

5. Photo Sharing

Nonprofits and Photosharing: A Cost-Effective Way to Spread Your Message Online

Flickr Nonprofit Groups

6. Collaboration Tools

Google Docs

Adobe Buzzword


Scriblink (Shared online whiteboard)


7. Coordinating Multiple Social Networks

How To Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles (Mashable)

Publishing Facebook Updates on Twitter

Publishing Twitter Updates on Facebook

Broadcast a message to many networks at once: hellotxt

Broadcast a message to many networks at once:

Managing Multiple Photo Sharing Sites

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